Trabuco is a Forlorn trooper, one of the most hardened races of the galaxy. A war veteran with hundreds of battles. 

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He's inseparable companion is his Magnum .88 Duple that allows him to change his shot type between area effect shotgun or armor piercing laser blaster. He Likes to snack on Etherium to gain a regeneration factor, an achievement that only a handful of aliens in the galaxy can claim as their own. Since he comes from a long lineage of warriors, he has trained himself and won't receive as much damage from the melee enemies compared to his other ranged counterparts 


Trabuco is a hero that has a lot of survivability on the battlefield making him excellent at stalling several enemies if deem necessary. his first skill is Magnum .88 Duple which allow him to change his shot type between area effect shotgun or armor piercing laser. Further upgrade allow him to shoot farther (Muzzle Booster) and extra damage for each shot (Homemade Ammo) making him one of the hero that capable of anticipating any kind of enemies. He is extremely tough with his second skill (Etherium Digestion) where he eat some Etherium to gain regeneration factor and with his (Soylent Green) and (Gargle Blaster) will make him nigh invincible on middle of small crowd. On max level, Trabuco won't receive extra damage from melee enemies compared to his other ranged counterpart thanks to his (Clash Royale) upgrade and he won't receive some damage with his (Tough as Nails) upgrade on his (Resilience) upgrade line.

Abilities. Icon Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Cooldown
MAGNUM .88 DUPLE: Trabuco main weapon has the ability to switch between an area damage shotgun and a single target laser blast rifle. Go ahead, make his day! 
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Muzzle Booster: Improved gas vent system gives Trabuco extra range. 'Homemade Ammo: He dangerously tampers with ammo propellant for extra damage' Very Fast
ETHERIUM DIGESTION:Trabuco eats a piece of Etherium metabolizing it as a great healing energy. Few can chew a rock of Etherium, even less could survive after eating it!
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Soylent Green: After eating the Etherium he emanates a deadly radiation for a while. Gargle Blaster: Trabuco spit an explosive etherium glob. Regula
RESILIENCE: Trabuco is a Forlorn tropper, one of the most battle hardened race of the galaxy. Considered a solid rock even among them, he has a chance to resist a deadly attack.
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Clash Royale: He doesn't receive extra damage from melee enemies. Tough as Nails: So many scars allows him to ignore some enemy damage. Passive
Iron Marines Hero Review - Trabuco amateur review

Iron Marines Hero Review - Trabuco amateur review


  • Something to shoot at (Upon selection)
  • Always bet on blue! (When selected)
  • I'm the guy with the gun (Upon deployment)
  • What up, chief? (selected during combat)
  • Expendables, move it!
  • Pain train incomin'
  • Crunchy, tasty (When eating Etherium )
  • Say hello to my little friend! (Switching to his laser)
  • This is my boomstick! (Switching to his shotgun)
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