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Taggins is a battle-hardened Captain, equipped with an amazing shield that makes him immune to damage, and loaded with powerful Uranium ammunition.

We’ve heard that his suit is able to improve and enhance his defense, even making him capable of dodging attacks.

Description Edit

Taggins is the beginner hero that Is obtained at the very start of the game.

He is similar to the regular rangers, with a medium-short ranged, low damage, quick-firing attack. His abilities are: Uranium ammo, greatly increasing his damage for about 4 seconds, Personal shield, making him immune to damage for a small time, and his passive upgrade is superior defense, giving him more health and armor.

Strategy Edit

Taggins shield

Taggins's shield

Taggins works well as a support infantry unit, with average bulk, good range, and an excellent rate of fire. He can mow down numerous weaker enemies quickly, and can deal with flying enemies as well. However, his lack of pierce means that he will have a hard time wearing down armored enemies. His respawn is also pretty long, so you should retreat him when he is injured.

Personal shield is a very reliable way of tanking damage, since unlike the Diplomats' shields, it has unlimited health. However, it only lasts for a short while, so it should be timed properly. Use it when fighting a great number of enemies or charging through them.

Uranium Ammo makes Taggins several times more powerful for a few seconds, and is great for eliminating a particularly tough foe or enemy structure.

Icon Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Cooldown
Personal Shield: Taggins is surrounded by an impenetrable personal field for a few seconds
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Enemy Backlash: Personal Shield reflects some of the damage received Healing Boost: Taggins heals when Personal shield's duration is over Regular
Uranium Ammo: Experimental ammunition that deals heavy damage
Hero power icon 0002
Stopping Power: Uranium Ammo shots stun enemies for a second Enriched Isotope: Uranium Ammo damage is greatly increased Regular
Superior Defense: Interlocked titanium wires improve Taggins's battle suit armor and his heroic looks
Hero 3rd power icon0001
Trauma Patch: Reduces Taggins's respawn time Extra Kevlar: Chance to ignore enemy attacks Passive

Stats Edit

Base Armor Life Move type Speed Att type Range ROF DMG Respawn Full Regen time
Each level 20 1800 Land 2.8 Ranged 200 0.2 29 30 24
+135 +1.83
Max lvl 10 3015 46

Powers Edit

Power 1

Duration CD CD reduced/level Min Cd Level10
Personal shield 4.5 35 -1.75 21
Level 5 Power Dmg Returned Level 10 Power Life % healed / second Duration
Energy Backlash 40% Healing Boost 9 4.5


Power 2

Duration Duration/level Max Duration level 10 CD Damage Multiplier Multiplier extra / Level Multiplier Max level 10
Uranium Ammo 3.5 +0.315 6 30 3 +0.21 4.7
Level 5 Power Stun Duration Level 10 Power % Dmg Extra
Heavy Impact 0.3 Overheated barrel 21


Power 3

Extra Armor / Level Max Armor Level 10
Armor +1.4 31
Level 5 Power Respawn Reduction Level 10 Power Ignored dmg
Heightened Metabolism 20% Deflective Armor 1%

Quotes Edit

  • Ready for action.
  • Move out, Marines!
  • Go, go, go!
  • On my way.
  • Right foot forward!
  • Got it.
  • Loud and clear.
  • Solid copy.
  • Chaaarge!
  • Pushing.
  • On the move.
  • 10-4, commander!
  • Shields up!(activating personal shield)
  • Time for an extra punch! (activating uranium ammo)
  • Mediiic! (when he dies)
  • Tap me again, I dare you I double dare you! (annoyed)
  • Is this part of the plan? (annoyed)
  • Wake up commander. (deciding where to deploy him)
  • Come on deploy me already. (deciding where to deploy him)

Trivia Edit

  • The "Tap me again, I dare you I double dare you!" quote is a reference to Jule's "Say what again" quote from Tarantino's 1994 flick, Pulp Fiction.
  • 10-4 is ten signal used by law enforcement radio transmissions to signify acknowledgement of a message.
  • Solid copy is military code for fully understanding an order.
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