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Let's clear the air.

No aerial enemy can break our perimeter if a Shellstorm is on duty. From the rear of the battlefront, Shellstorm missile barrages can take down even the clouds in the sky.

  • Deals area damage
  • Attacks over barriers.
    Mecha shellstorm 0001
  • Prioritizes aerial enemies.
Armor Life Move type speed Att Type Att area Range ROF Damage Pierce
30 3000 Ground 1.4 Single target 25 300 4 428 -

Special: Deals 5x damage to aerial enemies. 

  • The Shellstorm is unrivaled in combating aerial enemies, capable of dealing with both lone, tough aerial enemies and hordes of weaker aerial enemies. It is also decent at ground bombardment.
  • The Shellstorm prioritizes aerial enemies, and will only target ground enemies if no aerial enemies are in its long range. Try to give them some ground targeting backup.
  • The Shellstorm has a slow rate of fire, but makes up for this by firing four rockets at a time. If an enemy is destroyed before all of the rockets are used, the remaining rockets will target a different enemy.
  • The Shellstorm isn't as good against ground targets, as its rockets will only score indirect hits on ground enemies. That said, it has the second longest range and can fire over barriers, so it's a good option for lack of a better one.
  • Shockbots greatly improve the Shellstorm's capability against ground targets, especially since they let the Shellstorm focus on the air while still dealing with ground enemies.
  • The Shellstorm's high health and medium armor means it can tank when needed, but its low damage output isn't optimal for killing off the enemies being tanked.
  • Hazardous Waste is very helpful for this, as the waste ignores armor and affects a small area for a period of time, dealing substantial damage to tough enemies and hordes alike. However, the slow cooldown means it's best used as a back up ability.
  • The Shellstorm has low speed like the other mechas, but due to its long range it doesn't have to worry as much about re-positioning.

Hazardous Waste (Tier 4, Cool down = Slow)

  • Shellstorms throw a toxic barrel that explodes, leaving a pool of damaging waste. (200 Tech Points)
  • Shellstorms double total damage dealt by toxic barrels. (400)
  • Shellstorms triple total damage dealt by toxic barrels. (600)

Shockbot (Tier 9, Cool down = Regular)

  • Shellstorm releases a patrol drone that attacks enemies nearby. (350 Tech Points)
  • Doubles electric damage dealt by Shockbots. (700)

- Advancing on.

- Stationing.

- Positioning.

- It's a go!

-Shoot and scoot.

- Recycle this! (when using Hazardous Waste)

- Shockbots enabled! (when using Shockbots)

- Coverin' ground.

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