The energy of a single elemental particle makes each Raad a daunting enemy. Nexus is so vastly powerful that controls all four energies of lesser Raad.

Nexus concentrates energy in his hands for a few seconds before launching a devastating manifestation of elemental mastery. Disrupting this ability is crucial.

Nexus will have different reactions and dialogue to whichever hero is brought on the mission.

Quotes Edit

Taggins Edit

  • Taggins: Stay alert, soldiers. This is the starting point of the Raad invasion. Here we will stop them!
  • Tortugon: Gamma radiation levels increasing.
  • Nexus: Too large words from a lineage whose only merit has been always to die in the battlefield. Like you will do now!
  • Nexus: I see you have fighting in you. Your predecessors wouldn't have lasted as much.
  • Nexus: Impressive. You live up to your reputation. But reputation alone is not enough to stop my invasion!

Kara Edit

  • Kara: Keep moving, marines. Lets get everything ready to kick those alien butts!
  • Tortugon: Gamma radiation levels increasing.
  • Nexus: The young hero of Sagan-1! You fought well against those Fell. Actually, they were running away from us! Ha Ha Ha!
  • Nexus: You are stronger than I expected. But much like the Fell, you are simply an annoyance.
  • Nexus: Seeing your sister die in that colony must've been scaring to turn a simple mechanic into a War hound.

Paragon Edit

  • Paragon: We sense it. As it was foretold to us. The time of the Fading Suns has begun.
  • Tortugon: Gamma radiation levels increasing.
  • Nexus: So you are that half-dead protector of these creatures? I'm going to promote you soon to full dead!
  • Nexus: So many dead warriors fused into your unity. You are lucky. Not many get to experience death twice.
  • Nexus: I'll make sure to harvest your spectral energy and make my own Paragon army.

Fate Edit

  • Fate: Be cautious! This is an enemy like you've never seen before. You better mark my words.
  • Tortugon: Gamma radiation levels increasing.
  • Nexus: They believe you are human, don't they? Hilarious. Lets start breaking that helmet apart.
  • Nexus: So this is the personal matter you had to run to in such a hurry. You have upgraded your weapons. As you will see, have I.
  • Nexus: After all we've gone through you try to attack us? What you are trying to accomplish eludes me.

Ajax Edit

  • Ajax: What? These Raad things are made of the same alloy Ajax is. How can this be possible?
  • Tortugon: Gamma radiation levels increasing.
  • Nexus: That 'prototype' of yours was built with stolen Raad tech. How you can sync with us, we will discover during your autopsy.
  • Nexus: You have taken apart and reassembled a Raad Warcruise into that *thing*. However, I'm getting there's still plenty of Raad inside.
  • Nexus: So much data in its memory bank. You were a Janitor before connecting with it?...You must be joking.

Darwin Edit

  • Darwin: Stop monkeying around and destroy the Portal before more of them come!
  • Tortugon: Gamma radiation levels increasing.
  • Nexus: You dare challenge me, you potassium-consuming brute?! I will enjoy conquering your kind as well.
  • Nexus: After years in space and all you have are bananas and brute force? Whats next? Throwing barrels?
  • Nexus: The chemicals in you, make you more advanced than your makers thought. Your mutant ape lineage will end today!

Guiying Edit

  • Guiying: The artifact whispers about an imminent danger. Stand your ground, warriors, for a cosmic force looks after us!
  • Tortugon: Gamma radiation levels increasing.
  • Nexus: Impossible! The Cosmic Eye? You have no idea of what you are holding. Now it's too late for you to learn.
  • Nexus: Such bravery. No wonder your clan chose you as a champion. But they are fools believing you could stop our invasion.
  • Nexus: The Eye surely envisioned a much more suitable wielder. Not a child like yourself.

Roy Edit

  • Roy: This is an offense against Marshal Law of sector 48 12. Go back to your galaxy or face the consequences.
  • Tortugon: Gamma radiation levels increasing.
  • Nexus: Don't marshal me. Many worlds have a bounty on your head. I will send it as a token before conquering them.
  • Nexus: Redemption is not for the likes of you. Do you struggle to sleep at night with so many planets affected by your deeds?
  • Nexus: Afraid of unleashing your wrath as you did on all those worlds? I can feel your anger and frustration, young Marshal.

Sha'tra Edit

  • Sha'tra: Today is the day. The ultimate hunt is on. Emit rof egnever!
  • Tortugon: Gamma radiation levels increasing.
  • Nexus: Sha'tra ...I always wondered where you had fled to. It must be hard to be the last of your race.
  • Nexus: Do you ever wonder how we were able to find your world while it was hidden from everyone in the Galaxy?
  • Nexus: Our conquest could always use your expertise. Surrender and join us. We will welcome you as we did with your brother.

Dr. Graaff Edit

  • Dr. Graaff: Strength analysis of incoming entity exceeding parameters. Overwriting protocols to compensate.
  • Tortugon: Gamma radiation levels increasing.
  • Nexus: A machine that managed to develop consciousness by itself. An interesting toy, yet with so many anger issues.
  • Nexus: Your creators must be regretting turning you on. After all, being killed by your own creation counts as failure.
  • Nexus: Never put an unstable core in an unstable machine with an unstable mood chip. That's a fact!

Trabuco Edit

  • Trabuco: Brace yourselves! My race fought them in our home planet Stall-One. The Raad lost there and will lose again here.
  • Tortugon: Gamma radiation levels increasing.
  • Nexus: Fool, your world was almost wiped out by a simple scouting party. No scouts this time, no survivors either.
  • Nexus: Pumping all that iron made you resilient. Let me put some more pressure for you to get crashed under.
  • Nexus: Enough toying around! After I destroy you I will make sure to turn Stall-One into an asteroid field instantly!

Sparas Edit

  • Sparas: Cautious! I saw a similar portal years ago in the jungles of Vanzen-7. I barely left that planet alive before it was destroyed.
  • Tortugon: Gamma radiation levels increasing.
  • Nexus: Maybe you should leave this planet in a hurry. This time I will take from you far more than just an eye!
  • Nexus: Those pets of yours help you hide the shame of failing to save all those people when we last met?
  • Nexus: We will consume this world like many others. You better not have any relatives around this time.

Mark X Edit

  • Mark X: Listen up, team! I promised to keep all of you alive and I meant it. So, gear up and steel yourselves. Now, dammit!
  • Tortugon: Gamma radiation levels increasing.
  • Nexus: In countless worlds I have invaded, that is the most empty promise I have ever heard. Unbelievable, almost amusing.
  • Nexus: You've lived in *that* for so long that you call it a home. I've destroyed millions of homes before.
  • Nexus: Amazing how coordinated Humans work when facing certain death. Do you die in unison as well?

Blue Dragon Edit

  • Blue Dragon: I will outmaneuver our enemies to expose their weaknesses. Spread out and be ready to open fire.
  • Tortugon: Gamma radiation levels increasing.
  • Nexus: The most praised combat pilot in the galaxy. Maybe when you die inside that flying can, you'll impress me a little more.
  • Nexus: Your speed and tactics are indeed impressive. But I've put down other 'Dragons' before.
  • Nexus: You claimed the title of Blue Dragon like many others before you. I wonder if anyone would dare to claim it to avenge you.
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