Kara is a free hero unlocked in Sagan-1 stage 2, Distress Call.

Description Edit

Hero powergirl 0001
Kara is a hero that excels at shooting down airborne enemies. She was a  brilliant mining Engineer on Sagan-1´s colony when it was invaded by the Fell, so she used her knowledge and skills to customize her suit with missile cannons to fight back. She can spin around to attack nearby foes and send her hand made missiles to attack over barriers and make those creatures meet their end.

Her work with heavy ordnance has improved her attack range, and she will jump back to battle, even after being defeated faster than most heroes.

Strategy Edit

Kara Gyro-Barrage


Kara is a female hero that can target both air and ground enemies.

She has two specials attack which can be upgraded as she gains more and more experience and upgrade points.

HeroesThe first one is Gyro Barrage, which deals area damage to all enemies around Kara. If used at the right moment, it can cause massive damage to the enemies ignoring their how many of them are around her as long as they are in range.

The second one is Jury-rigged missiles, which consists of Kara Targeting far away enemies that might have been originally out of her range, in a super-human speed that would wipe the enemies out. If the enemy dies before the special power is over, Kara can target other enemies with it.

Abilities Icon Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Cooldown
Gyro-Barrage: Spins in place while firing rockets, damaging all enemies near her
Hero power icon 0004
Thermobaric Load:Gyro-Barrage's rockets set ground and enemies on fire Delayed Bomblets:Kara releases additional bombs as she spins Regular
Jury-Rigged Missiles: Powerful long range handmade missiles
Hero power icon 0003
Bunker Buster:Structures receive additional damage from Jury Rigged Missiles ARH Missiles:Jury-Rigged Missiles attack over barriers Regular
Physical Fitness: Kara's constant Work with heavy ordnance has improved her heath and her arm wrestling skills
Hero 3rd power icon0001
Absorb Recoil: Increases Kara's normal attack range Will to Live: Reduces her respawn time by 30% Passive
Kara deployed

Kara deployment

Like all heroes, Kara can be deployed wherever and whenever the player wants. This may also be the case in the beginning of some stages.

Quotes Edit

  • (shy cough) You know I'm ready, right? (hero choose screen)
  • Rock and roll! (when deployed)
  • Move it or lose it.
  • Get away from me, #&@%?$ ! (when activating Gyro-Barrage)
  • You point, we shoot.
  • You know what, I #&@%?$ ! (when activating Gyro-Barrage)
  • Orders? (icon tapped)
  • Contact!!! (when activating Jury-Rigged Missile)
  • Patch me up!! (Upon death)
  • The clock's ticking Commander! (deciding where to deploy her)
  • Stop that! (annoyed)
  • Music? Heavy metal! (annoyed)
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