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Fate is the most mysterious Bounty Hunter of the Mercenary Guild, she is lethal, stealthy and cunning. Her advanced cloaking technology hides her from her enemies.

Fate (1)

She can deploy powerful explosive devices that will not only wipe out all enemies but also leave a toxic cloud or stun those lucky few that survived the blast.

Since she is well connected with the black market she can upgrade herself and enhance her vision and attack damage.

Fate is an army by herself ... if an army could become invisible.
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Strategy Edit

Abilities Icon Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Cooldown
CHAMELEON SUIT: Cutting edge cloaking technology keeps Fate invisible to enemies, and most tax collectors.
Hero power icon 0009
Deadshot - Chance of an instakill while cloaked. Gain-twist Rifling - Doubles attack range during cloaking. Regular
DEMOLITION EXPERT:Places a powerful explosive and detonates it remotely. Smile for the birdie!
Hero power icon 0011
Fallout - Explosive's detonation generates a deadly toxic cloud. Aftermath - Stuns all surviving enemies in the detonation's area of effect. Slow
BLACK MARKET ACCESS:Fate uses her Mercs Gold Card to acquire unusual training and items that increase her attack range.
Hero 3rd power icon0001
Implanted Opticals - Gives Fate extra area of vision. Point Blank Specialist - Short range attacks deal extra damage. Passive


CHAMELEON SUIT: Fate can disable her Chameleon Suit at any time by pressing (tapping on mobile) the ability icon; this can be used to recover her cooldown without having to wait for the entire time.


- Need something done?

- At your service ... (cheeky voice) For a price!

- Let's do something fun!

- All together now!

- Come with me if you wanna live!

- Watch and learn, soldiers!

- Let's cut to the chase!

- Yes, boss?!

- Hmm, sure.

- Scouting.

- Count on it!

- As you say.

- That's easy.

- No problem.

- Cloaking on!

- Nuke's been deployed!

- Not today!

- Hey, need somthin' done ?

- *sigh* I need a vacation.

- Time is money commander.

- Heyy, are you doing the mission without me ?!

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