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Suit up, marine!

Few have the nerve to wield an unstable plasma gun. Fewer have what it takes to calmly walk into enemy territory punching holes into fortified structures.

  • Heavy armor
  • Ricocheting shot attack
    Army gunner-0
  • Incremental ray damage
Armor Life Move type speed Att Type Att area Range ROF Damage Pierce special
40 850 Ground 1.8 Single target - 200 1.5 70 -
Single target - 150 sustained 750 - Incremental dmg from 75 to 750, increses 75 dmg every second
  • Engineers are experts at laying waste to enemy structures and low level crowd control.
  • Nano Repair allows Engineers to repair structures, a very useful ability for keeping Towers online. Nano Repair also lets Engineers repair Diplomats' Tulpa Sentries.
  • If destroying structures, Engineers will stream their plasma rays into the structure until it's wasted, ignoring all other enemies. Their armor lets them ignore some of the damage, but it's still best if they're protected by other units.
  • If attacking enemies, Engineers use plasma bolts that have a chance of ricocheting. The rate of fire is slow and range is medium, so they're not optimal for dealing with even small sized crowds.
  • Phase Modulation improves the ricochet chance, making Engineers decent at crowd control. Phase Modulation also grants Engineers a structure disabling grenade, especially useful for troublesome structures like Taskmasters.
  • Like all army units, Engineers are vulnerable to area and melee damage, though less so than either Rangers or Snipers due to their heavy armor.

Phase Modulation (Tier 8, Cool down = fast)

  • Engineers can throw disabling bombs at structures and plasma bolts have more ricocheting chance. (200 Tech Points)
  • Increases disable duration and ricocheting chance. (400)
  • Further increases disable duration and ricocheting chance. (600)

Nano Repair (Tier 12, Passive)

  • Engineers are now able to repair damaged structures. (350 Tech Points)
  • Increases Engineers repair speed by 25%. (700)

- Chaarged up!

- Nuuclear.

- Aalrigh’!

- Atomic!

- (sheepishly) Yeah, okay.

- Oouh-kay!

- Blastin’!

- Energizin'!

- (excitedly) Uuh! Total protonic reversal! (Phase Modulation)

- Good as new, comin’ up! (Nano Repair)

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