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Blue Dragon is the perfect combination of Steel nerves, sharp reflexes, and a focused mind; she is the most impressive

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And capable fighter pilot of the entire Federation.  Her top-of-the-line starfighter is equipped with heavy machine guns, deadly missiles and the most devastating energy weapon of the entire fleet, that can fire blasts of energy to vaporize foes. She is assisted by the brave techbot, T-2 that is capable of making repairs, restoring the ship's health even  during flight.

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Update 2

ULTRA BLAST: Charges over time a devastating ray capable of killing almost any living being in the galaxy. And a couple of non-living ones too.
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Hyper Pulse: Ultrablast gains a chance to instakill its target. Increases up to 50% chance when fully charged. Energy Calibrator: After killing the target, part of the wasted damage is reabsorbed for the next use of the ability. Variable
TECHBOT COPILOT: The most advanced starfighter's assistance, T-2 is capable of making repairs restoring the ship's health even on flight. Sadly, it does not carry holograms.
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Galvanizer: T-2 uses high voltage to coat Blue Dragon´s hull with a protective layer, increasing its armor for a few seconds. Joyride: T-2's lifesaver jetpack ability has also fully loaded micromissile launchers. Fast
IRON EAGLE: Advanced metallurgical modifications and engineering analysis after each combat grants Blue Dragon greater armor and combat capability. It grants a huge mechanical bill too.
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Death From Above: Using 84 mm ASM ammo, Blue Dragon machine guns cause extra damage to enemy structures. Sky Captain: Missiles equipped with electro-optical infrared seekers deal additional damage vs flying enemies. Passive
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