Ajax is a paid hero that can damage ground enemies.

Description Edit

Ajax is a Mecha armored power suit piloted by the reckless pilot Mac, a wild and daring former troublemaker that

Hero ajax 0065

proved his value in extraordinary battle accomplishments. He can shake the ground, stunning his enemies, with a single punch or spin around, turning himself into a slice and dice machine, destroying any foe that dares to cross his path.

Not only can he deal loads of damage but also heals itself due to the incredible engineering and materials its made of.

Strategy Edit

Abilities Upgrade1 Cooldown
SHOCK CANNON: An energized punch to the ground that stuns nearby enemies. Ajax smash!
Hero power icon 0006
Shockwave Blast - Shock Cannon also affect structures for a few seconds. Overcharged Batteries - Increases Shock Cannon's area of effect. Regular
MOULINEX: Ajax turns into a hovering spinning disc, slicing and dicing even when he's on the move!
Hero power icon 0005
Blender - Enemies damaged by Moulinex bleed and lose health for a while. Juicer - Extra movement speed while Moulinex is active. Slow
PROTOTYPE GEAR: Unpronounceable alloys give Ajax additional capacity to withstand damage.
Hero 3rd power icon0001
Regenerative Frame - Slow but constant health regeneration. Backup Systems - Recover health when any of his powers are activated. Passive

Quotes Edit

  • Commander, I'm rusting up!
  • Darn right
  • Roger... so far.
  • Keep up boys, girls and *cough* aliens..
  • Hihihi, I'm flying.
  • Yippee ki-yay.
  • Let's do this!
  • Shokin'!
  • Let's get dangerous!

Trivia Edit

  • The quote "Yippee ki-yay" is a reference to Die Hard.
  • The quote "Let's get dangerous" is a reference to Darkwing Duck.
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